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We work with Top Sales Performers and Leaders from companies like…

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For Top Performers


We work with top producers and #1 reps from some of the most innovative sales organizations in the world to help them step up to a whole new level.


For Leaders of Teams


We work with sales leaders who are committed to upleveling the sales cultures within their organizations and throughout the marketplace.


“Before Abundant, on the outside I looked successful but on the inside I felt like there had to be more than what I was experiencing. I was grinding, working long, hard hours and pushing myself to a place of burnout. From the first event I attended the walls came down and I got to see that I wasn’t the only one that who felt like they were struggling. The biggest thing I’ve gained is that where before massive change and chaos would have gotten me overwhelmed, I’m now able to stay calm while dealing with the biggest challenges I face.”

Rachel Amaro // Account Executive at Microsoft who was promoted from Sr Account Manager to Account Executive while working with Abundant

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“Being introduced to Abundant changed my life. They opened my eyes to my highest potential, the ability to step into something better, to do more for this world and to share my gift in serving others. I am constantly inspired and motivated by some of the most successful and influential people in the marketplace. Through their continuous leadership, guidance and support, they are developing the future leaders of our generation to interact from a place of abundance, alignment and authenticity.”

Constantine Johns // Account Executive at Bloomberg

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“As a highly ambitious female, I’ve had a lot of assumptions about what being a female and successful needed to look like. After working with Abundant, I feel my authenticity and vulnerability are my strengths and they are empowering me to live and lead my business in a way I didn't know was possible.”

Melanie Fellay // CEO at Spekit

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Since 2014, Ben Schemper and the Abundant team have served hundreds of organizations, executives and sales leaders who are committed to Abundant leadership: Always leaving organizations, people, and moments better than you find them.

By the the age of 20, Ben set the all-time record for the largest sales campaign in Cutco’s 60-year history. Ben went on to be a nationally recognized manager and company leader who was ultimately responsible for the recruiting, training, and development of thousands of sales representatives.

After an extensive year of studying directly with Tony Robbins, Ben followed his vision to serve leaders all across the country and co-founded Abundant. For the last decade, Ben has mastered the ability to help teams co-create a compelling vision and aligned culture that leads to powerful and sustainable sales growth.

By curating environments and experiences for leaders and teams to embody Abundant Leadership, #1 producers at Microsoft, State Farm, Keller Williams, Salesforce, Cisco, Square and many more, have experienced as much as 400% sales growth year-over-year.

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Dr. Brabant is a powerful catalyzer of presence and transformation in leaders looking to take their inner and outer game to the next level. He translates ancient wisdom practices and philosophies into clear, simple and light-hearted practices and frameworks that activate the wisdom that lies innately within each human being.

His work makes is safe for leaders to let down their guard and liberate themselves from self-judgment and the addiction to distraction to find the effortless flow of creativity, alignment with their true purpose and powerful leadership to expand the potential and abundance of clients, teams and cultures.

His PhD journey started in clinical psychology where he practiced clinically for 5 years before transitioning to a non-clinical degree where he focused on the intersection between psychology, leadership training, education and meditation. His dissertation focused on how a contemplative and embodied approach to leadership training can expand the worldview of individuals so they can become more inclusive, skillful, wise and effective in their leadership. He brings his unique, experiential and integrative approach towards education towards his leadership training and coaching to enable the most profound, embodied and sustained transformation possible.

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An original Co-Founder of Abundant, Zach has spent the last 15 years empowering Sales Professionals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to integrate powerful influence and leadership skillsets with a heart centered purpose, that inspires leaders begin to find the answer to the age old question… “Why am I really here”

Zach has built multiple 7 figure organizations while impacting thousands of leaders from entry level sales representatives to 9 figure business leaders. With the ability to ask questions that get right to the core, leaders are able to identify their greatest area of growth for themselves and their potential impact in this lifetime.


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